Kind reviews on NetGalley for The Case of the Missing Ghost


Well, my month is over on NetGalley and I am so grateful for the many kind reviews posted there for my third book. It is always nice to know there are readers out there who enjoy my quirky sense of humor 🙂

I’ll post one of my favorite reviews here, but I greatly appreciate all of them:

This was a fun little adventure that felt kind of like Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys meets Rick Riordan. I believe it’s the third book in the series, but there’s enough asides and back explanation that it’s okay if you haven’t read the first two (I haven’t). This is fairly well written and edited and the story held my attention throughout. The mythology aspects felt somewhat superficial, but I think it worked fine for a middle school book and I enjoyed getting to know some of the characters. The point of view shifted between the medium, Mr. Monsento, and Abby, one of the three kids running the detective agency. I always had to pause a bit to make sure I knew who was narrating and I think it would have been helpful to have some sort of indication of whose story it was going to be, but overall, it wasn’t too bad. I rounded up to 4 stars because I enjoyed the ending and it makes me want to read more stories from this series.  Elaine T. Educator

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