Lord of the Flies: Eurynomos

In the second book of the Fantastic Phantasmic Detective series, the ghost Nathan Hammersly (also known as the Woebegone Oddity of the Underworld) escapes the Underworld by possessing a realm walker and forcing him to carry him to his grave in the Morton Town cemetery.  But unfortunately for Nathan, it is a well-known fact that ghosts tend to gravitate to their burial site when they are in the living realm and he is quickly recaptured by Eurynomos, the only creature of the Underworld that can safely enter a graveyard.

Eurynomos is sometimes called the demon of rot and decay because he has a peculiar fondness for the flesh of rotting corpses.  He strips the flesh from the dead with his razor-like teeth which he keeps sharp by whetting them on the marble and granite tombstones of the graveyard.  The Underworld doesn’t like to release Eurynomos into cemeteries often (he is quite gluttonous and difficult to extract once he starts feasting), but they do try to release him once or twice monthly as a special treat.  Because even a lowly creature deserves an occasional goodie or two, right?

So if you happen to be wandering around a graveyard late at night during one of Eurynomos’ special feedings, you may catch sight of him.  You will know him by his blue-black skin (similar in color to a meat fly), his jagged teeth and his large, deep-set eyes.  Also, Eurynomos has a very limited wardrobe so you’ll likely find him wearing a ratty old fox fur or a frayed coat made of vulture feathers on his back.

While Eurynomos is mostly harmless to the living, I recommend you take care not to draw too close to him.  Eurynomos is known to become highly aggressive when something comes between him and his food.  But not to worry. You can easily outrun him because Eurynomos never rises beyond a crouch and that tends to slow him down quite a bit.


And then there is Rossville…

A short drive from Morton Town is the village of Rossville; population 1803, at last census.  Being one of the larger towns in the region, Rossville is the “go-to” place for dining and entertainment.  It is also the locale to visit for any funerary needs, as it has the area’s sole funeral home; Simon and Son Mortuary.  I’d recommend stopping by its regal brick building with soaring Corinthian columns for a quick tour.  Be sure to ask Simon about his Deluxe Service Package so he’ll take you into the back room and show you the merchandise–a wide assortment of wigs, clothing and jewelry he offers to adorn the dearly departed (single day rental of the items is included in the package but there is a purchase plan available if you’d prefer your loved one be buried with the adornments).

A little farther afield is the Morrisville pet cemetery.  Being on the outskirts of town it’s easy to miss, so be sure to stop by the gas station just outside of Morrisville and pick up a map of the area.  The map was drawn by Morrisville Elementary School’s 3rd grade class as an art project and, while it may be a wee bit crude, it will direct you to the small road just off Plantation Drive that leads to the graveyard.

At the pet cemetery, you will find hundreds of tombstones; Morrisville residents being the animal lovers they are.  Of special interest is the mausoleum; the final resting place for Kayla the dog, lovingly erected by her owner out of his guilt over causing her demise.  If you are very lucky, Kayla’s spirit may even be inside the tomb when you arrive.  She is a wonderful conversationalist and you’re sure to enjoy your visit with her.  If she likes you, Kayla may ask you for a favor but take care if you agree to assist.  Her request may sound deceptively simple but, as always, when helping ghosts solve their problems you’re sure to encounter a few complications along the way.

You can read more about Simon and Son Mortuary in the first book of the Fantastic Phantasmic Detective Agency: The Rebel Realm

To discover more about the town of Rossville, Morrisville and Kayla the ghost dog, check out the second book of the series: The Woebegone Oddity of the UnderWorld

A Word of Caution About Morton Town

The Fantastic Phantasmic Detective Agency is based in Morton Town, a sleepy mid-western burg surrounded by farm fields and cow pastures.  It is here young Billy, Toby, and Abby spend their summers riding bikes, hunting for frogs, and hanging out at the local ice cream parlor.  But don’t be fooled by this town’s simple charms.  On the surface, Morton Town appears to be like any other quaint hamlet you’ll run across in rural America.  However, it has a few unique qualities you may wish to consider before you visit.

One, it has it’s very own medium; the gruff and grumpy Arthur Monsento.  For a moderate fee, he will channel your family members, read your fortune, or conjure a spirit into a crystal ball for you.  However, if you do enlist his services, I recommend you keep a sharp eye out for hidden wires and projectors; some mediums aren’t as talented as others and sometimes resort to trickery.

Morton Town also has a ghost haunting a lakeside cabin, just dying for you to help her find her lost locket, not to mention an undead bounty hunter prowling the nearby woods, carrying a mysterious sharp object.  So I’d exercise prudence if you dare to explore Morton Town.  There are indeed some strange things going on there.

Learn more about Morton Town and it’s inhabitants in the first book of the Fantastic Phantasmic Detective Agency series: The Rebel Realm